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money.cnn.com, February 18, 2015) The documentary Seekin▓g Asylum by African-American Darnell

Walker trigge▓red heated responses after debuting online, chroniclin▓g the plight of black Amer

icans who no longer ▓felt safe in the United States due t▓o rampant police brutality and were lo

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    an that for whites (www.bls.gov). The unemployment rate for black college▓ graduates was roughly equal to the r
  • ate for ▓white

    Americans with associate degrees (huffingtonpost.com, December 18, 2015). A third of Iowa's black households
  • earned less than

    20,000 U.S. dol▓lars annually, compared with 8 percent of whi▓te households. More than one fifth of white househ
  • olds in Iowa e

    arned 100,000 U.S. dollars or more in a year, but only eight percent of black households did ▓(www.usatoday.c
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